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My stance on Nutrition

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I was posed with my first tricky question the other day. The question came from a very experienced and extremely talented personal trainer who deals with people who predominately come to him to lose weight. He asked, “what is your stance on nutrition?”. It was the first time I’d been asked it outright like that. I danced around it a bit, made a few statements and in particular we spoke about carbs which for him are a bit of a no no when he’s trying to get clients to shift weight.

Now that I’ve had time to process it, I have my answer. I do not have a stance on nutrition. “WHAT?!?!” you say. “this is your job fool, you must have a stance”. Well, I don’t. I don’t because the reality is if I have one standpoint on nutrition, if I am pro one “diet” e.g. low carb, high carb or whatever, well then really, I can only offer one type of solution… which may not be right for all clients.

If I was to completely tell a client to remove a whole food group… I almost guarantee that after a few weeks they’d fall off the wagon, binge, and start the slow decline back to where they started. We’ve all been there right… super disciplined Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday a few little treats sneak in, but we’re pretty good. Friday we get Chinese takeouts, but it’s the first cheat meal of the week really… so it’s all good. Friday we’re out for brunch, order the French toast and two lattes. Try not to eat again until dinner to offset it, end up ordering pizza and eating two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s. Sunday is a repeat of Saturday… so we tell our selves “but I’ll get back onto the diet tomorrow…new week new me…no more blow outs”… and so the cycle starts again.

I believe in looking at where every client is at in their life, then working with them to slowly-but-surely learn sustainable habits that they can keep for life. Unless there is a food intolerance and you absolutely need to remove a food group, why would you? Let’s have a balanced amount of every thing. If a client wants to be healthier, but also wants to go out for brunch with their friends, or take clients out to lunch – great. Let’s find a way to do both. Because you can do both. If you’re mentally prepared for that brunch or lunch, and you know you have a plan in place to deal with it… you can go into it stress free, and not beat yourself up about it for three days afterwards.

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